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With You

Judith McGinley in Tui Motu InterIslands Magazine, February 2015.

With You is a treasure and a treasury, written to celebrate 100 years of the Little Company of Mary in Aotearoa and 35 years of Mary Potter Hospice. Four golden threads hold together this variety of stories: the openness and courage, immense generosity and fidelity of the sisters of the Little Company of Mary; the willingness of people from many walks of life to recognise and respond to the “signs of the times”; the creative energy of Wellingtonians; and the power of “community”: the new life that is generated when people of like mind dare to share a vision and commit to making it a reality — for the good of all.


With You is a series of stories. It is like listening to members of an extended family telling and re-telling the story of a longed for pregnancy, miraculous birth and the coming of age of a favourite child — LCM Sisters, medical specialists, financial advisers, people in high positions, people on the street, all had their own part to play. It is a multi-layered book, filled with memories and impressions of ordinary/extraordinary New Zealanders, who have given enormous amounts of time, professional expertise, commitment and love to Mary Potter Hospice. Some stories are in-depth analyses which provide the framework for the whole; while others are light brush strokes. Each has its place and is told with care. Volunteer drivers, gardeners, spiritual carers, fundraisers and networkers walk easily alongside highly skilled care-givers and professional medical and administration staff.

Mary Potter Hospice is not a place or a building. It is a living, growing, compassionate entity which provides care for individuals and families who are walking the last part of life’s journey — themselves or alongside a loved one. Another important layer records the parallel developments of Hospice New Zealand and the gradual recognition of palliative care as a branch of medicine in its own right. Mary Potter Hospice has played a key leadership, educative and research role in both developments.

Author Bee Dawson invites readers to engage with the whole Mary Potter Hospice enterprise and the individuals who give it life. Superb photographs by Chris Coad enhance the text.

In content and appearance With You is an inspiring and very beautiful book.’

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