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Oral History

Bee Dawson - Oral Historian

An experienced oral historian, Bee specialises in interviewing older people about their family history and their own lives.

“I love doing this work. Many of my interviewees have wonderful tales to tell, but have never thought to or known how to record them for the family and future generations.”

With a warm and engaging interviewing style, Bee creates a relaxed atmosphere in which to draw out the distinctive stories and anecdotes that make up an individual life.

“Everyone has a special story in them. Sometimes it’s been told so often that it’s part of family folklore, but often there are fascinating stories that family members know little about, because no-one has thought they were important.”

Bee’s interviews are an enjoyable way of capturing the unique events that make up your parents’ and grandparents’ lives, tales that are later transcribed so they are easy for everyone to read.