In this section you will find articles written by Bee for various publications including NZ Gardener magazine.

Common Ground book cover

Common Ground: Garden Histories of Aotearoa by Matt Morris (review)

New Zealand Journal of History, 55, 2 (2021)

By Bee Dawson


History of ferns

NZ Gardener magazine, June 2021

By Bee Dawson

Incense and myrrh trees brought back to Egypt from the Land of Punt by Queen Hatshepsut.

The Aswan Botanical Garden

Gardener’s Journal, February 2021

By Bee Dawson


Ancient medicine: the herbs & cures we still use today, 2 July 2018

By Bee Dawson

Illustration of Fuchsia excorticata by Denise Ramsay

Botanical art: science, art and nature on canvas, 30 March 2018

By Bee Dawson

Dactylanthus taylorii or Flower of Hades is Wickison's subject for the Botanical Art Worldwide exhibition

Meet the maker: Wellington-based botanical artist Sue Wickison, 23 March 2018

By Bee Dawson

Sing Chow, a market gardener of Akaroa, October 1898

From gold mines to green fields: the contribution of Chinese market gardeners in New Zealand, 12 December 2017

By Bee Dawson

Sweet peas being grown for seed

Mafia, monks and mass hysteria: The fascinating history of sweet peas, 28 March 2017

By Bee Dawson