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The Plimmer Legacy


The Plimmer Legacy: A family story from early Wellington to modern farming in the Rangitikei

Penguin Books NZ, 2019

A wide-ranging family story stretching from the early days of European settlement of Wellington to contemporary farming in the Rangitikei area.

From Wellington’s Plimmer Steps to the green hills of Motukawa. This is the story of a family – several generations of influential people — starting with ‘the father of Wellington’, John Plimmer, whose statue stands at the bottom of Plimmer Steps on Lambton Quay. Stories of Victorian and Edwardian life in the capital city lead on to the diverging paths of later generations, with an ongoing involvement in commerce, politics and farming.

The hard days for farmers during the Depression, the interweaving of networks in rural communities, and the development of modern farms in the central North Island, make for a highly engaging read — as seen through the experiences of one remarkable family.